2013 Code for America Fellows

More than 550 people applied for a 2013 Code for America Fellowship. Men and women from across the country and around the world applied to the program with backgrounds ranging from back-end development to urban design. From that impressive applicant pool, we selected 28 people who form the 2013 class of Code for America Fellows.

Andrew Hyder
Andrew is an urban designer and software engineer dedicated to creating safe, fun, and healthy communities. He enjoys hacking on cities, making maps, and telling stories with data. At Urban Mapping he worked on an online mapping and data API. At Urban Ecology he successfully built several school yards, bicycle paths, and neighborhood parks around the Bay Area. LinkedIn | @hackyourcity
Ariel Kennan
Ariel is an interaction and experience designer, most recently with ESI Design in New York. Her passion is where experience design meets scale – from the palm of the hand to entire cities. She has created mobile applications, websites, kiosks, media walls, institutions, and master planning for new communities. Ariel holds a BFA in Integrated Design from Parsons the New School for Design. LinkedIn | @arielmai
Lou Huang
Lou is a LEED-accredited urban designer based in San Francisco. Most recently he has been working on guidelines for multi-family, mixed income neighborhoods. He has also worked as a graphic and web designer, and is currently experimenting with mapping, data visualization, and using video games for effective city planning and community engagement strategies. He holds a BA in Architecture from University of California Berkeley and a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. LinkedIn | @saikofish
Ryan Closner
Ryan is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon. Most recently, he’s worked for a governmental utility analytics company based out of Bend, Oregon. Ryan’s an avid traveler, open-source contributor, and has been developing client applications for more than five years. He studied Philosophy and Political Science at Seattle Pacific University. LinkedIn | @rclosner
Lindsay Ballant
Lindsay is a New York–based art director and designer with a passion for journalism and storytelling. Most recently, she served as the design director of Newsweek magazine. When not on deadline, she is an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts, and collaborates on other web-based projects under the moniker of Public Service Bureau. Her work has received awards from the Art Directors Club, the Society of Publication Designers, the National Magazine Awards, AIGA, Communication Arts, I.D. magazine, Print magazine, and the Type Directors Club, among others. LinkedIn | @lindsayballant
Marcin Wichary
Marcin is a user interface designer and developer. Over the past seven years he’s worked at Google on Chrome and search teams, and has coded and attended to the user experience of interactive homepage doodles. After hours, Marcin takes photos and occasionally volunteers at the Computer History Museum. LinkedIn | @mwichary
Laura Meixell
Laura served as a Presidential Management Fellow at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where she worked on agency performance management and developed a place-based data driven review process. Prior to that she worked on a community data and mapping system in Pittsburgh, Penn. LinkedIn | @lauratypes
Shaunak Kashyap
Shaunak is generalist backend software developer with 10 years of experience. Most recently, he helped build the ground software that will control earth-imaging satellites. Lately he has developed a passion for building RESTful web services. Outside of work he likes spending time with his wife, Tiffany, and their labradoodle, Seger.LinkedIn | @shaunak
Ezra Spier
Ezra is a web and mobile designer and developer from Portland, Oregon. Most recently, he worked at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers building sustainable mobile technology to improve the productivity and incomes of coffee farmers around the world. He majored in East Asian Studies at Oberlin College and served on Oberlin’s Board of Trustees. LinkedIn | @ahhrrr
CJ Bryan

CJ is a web developer and software consultant. Most recently, he rebuilt the online publishing platform for the Society for Cultural Anthropology. Previously he worked with Fight for the Future creating online campaign platforms. He spends the rest of his time riding bikes and hacking on small machines. LinkedIn | @waltz

Doneliza Joaquin
Doneliza is an urban planner interested in city design, transportation networks, and data visualization. She has worked as a graphic designer and on community development and events at the Dumbo Improvement District. She holds degree in Urban Studies from Fordham University and a Masters in Urban Planning from Columbia University. LinkedIn | @donelizasays
Sheila Dugan
Sheila markets products using digital and social media. Recently, she’s worked on broadband infrastructure development and adoption issues at the Center for Innovative Technology and Connect South Carolina. In 2011, Dugan was appointed a Virginia Governor’s Fellow and served under the Secretary of Technology in the Office of the Governor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Brown University and a Masters in Public Policy from The College of William and Mary.LinkedIn
Richa Agarwal
Richa is a software developer and lover of technology, civic engagement, and the outdoors. Most recently, she has been working to help re-elect Obama from the campaign headquarters. When she’s not coding, you can find her at a local coffee shop or out on the trails. Richa holds a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Colgate University, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. LinkedIn | @richaaaa
Cris Cristina
Cris is a user experience designer originally from New Orleans. Most recently, he held the position of design manager at Cisco, developing next generation collaboration products for mobile and web platforms. He has worked as a design strategist, user researcher, and interaction designer. With a background in biomedical engineering and human factors, he spent six years designing aeronautical interfaces for the U.S. Navy. Cris is passionate about driving innovation through design and makes a mean gumbo. LinkedIn | @criscristina
Jacob Solomon
Jacob is a policy analyst and project manager from Oakland. Most recently, he studied the quality of care for mentally ill veterans, the forthcoming Medicaid expansion, and medical marijuana policy in California at RAND Corporation. Previously, he worked as a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies. Jacob studied Economics at Occidental College.LinkedIn | @lippytalk
Marc K. Hébert
Marc relies on user-experience research and design anthropology to improve the way people interact with government information, services, and physical spaces. His work also attempts to improve digital participation in the public sphere. Libraries and community organizations have been important in this aim. He has a Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in Applied Anthropology. LinkedIn | @anthromarc
Andy Hull
Andy is a web developer and a Geographic Information Systems analyst with ten years of experience working with government agencies, academic research groups, libraries, non-profits, and think tanks to create user centered web applications. Most recently, he produced interactive maps, data driven sites focused on savings for the poor, and data visualizations at the New America Foundation. At Duke University, Andy helped redesign the library digital collections platform and built web applications around public health issues. He holds a BA in Geography and an MS in Information Science, both from the University of North Carolina. LinkedIn | @andyhull3
Rebecca Ackerman
Rebecca is a public policy researcher and social justice activist in Chicago. Most recently, she worked at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, where she worked on web development and research about social services in the Chicagoland area. She organized with the Immigrant Youth Justice League, an undocumented-led youth organization in Chicago. Rebecca studied at the University of Chicago.LinkedIn | @aka_rca
Moncef Belyamani
Moncef is passionate about solving problems, learning by doing, and giving back to the community. Most recently, he led the Automation effort on the Mobile Team at AOL, and worked on various iOS and Android apps. In his spare time, he runs several music-related websites, and a programming blog where he authored a popular tutorial about setting up a development environment on a Mac. Moncef earned his Electrical Engineering and Music degrees from UVA, and speaks English, French, and Arabic. LinkedIn | @monfresh
Sophia Parafina
Sophia has worked on a wide range of projects ranging from helping establish the Pic Macaya Biosphere Reserve in Haiti to building information architecture for pipelines, airports, and railways. Most recently, she wallowed in data and liberated it from stovepipes. Previously, she managed projects for the CIA’s venture capital firm, founded and sold an enterprise software company, and worked with non-profits. LinkedIn | @spara
Anselm Bradford
Anselm is lecturer in digital media at AUT University in New Zealand. He has worked with Apress/friends of ED, O’Reilly Media, Peachpit Press, and Lonely Planet on book titles in the areas of visual communication, web, and interactive media. He has authorship credit on HTML5 Mastery and CSS3 Solutions (Apress).LinkedIn | @anselmbradford
Tamara Manik-Perlman
Tamara is passionate about geodata visualization, interactive art, local food, national parks, and inclusive urban citizenship. Most recently, she worked at Azavea where she managed the development of web and mobile applications, and lead the spatial analysis and UX design teams. Tamara has worked at environmental and health non-profits and is particularly interested in the role of immigrants in shaping urban development. She studied Anthropology at Swarthmore College and did graduate work in Geography at Temple University. LinkedIn | @TamaraMP
Dave Guarino
Dave Guarino is a backend developer, specializing in Ruby, and a public policy analyst. He primarily focuses on developing analytic software. His recent work includes an award-winning Challenge.gov application that addressed gender pay inequity and a federal wage data explorer. Before joining Code for America, he spent time in the health policy world, managing data and analyses related to state-level health insurance legislation, the Affordable Care Act, and municipal governments’ health plans. Dave is a graduate of UC Berkeley, and enjoys *nix and living in Oakland, Calif. LinkedIn | @allafarce
Reed Duecy Gibbs
Reed is an urbanist and interdisciplinary designer and is the co-founder of OpenUrban, a crowd sourced map and forum on current urban development. He has worked as an architect and urban designer, and as a policy researcher for the City of Seattle. Most recently his work was on display in the Istanbul Design Biennial’s Ad-Hocracy exhibition. Reed is a former Fulbright Scholar and holds a Masters of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. LinkedIn | @rduecyg
Alan Williams
Alan is an urban planner, designer, and community strategist. Most recently he lead the Community team at Neighborland, a civic ideation platform. Alan’s early experience as a community organizer informed his work as a spatial analyst and urban planner in post-Katrina New Orleans. In 2011, he joined Civic Center, a creative studio that blends art, design, education, and urban planning to create tools that help people navigate and improve their cities. LinkedIn | @alanjosephwilli
Dan Avery
Dan is a web and mobile developer who has designed, coded, and managed projects to solve problems for organizations like the Internet Archive, Yahoo!, and AltaVista. Dan led the initial development of the Internet Archive’s Archive-It project, bringing the Archive’s groundbreaking web-preserving technology to libraries and archives around the world. Dan created the iOS app StickyWords. LinkedIn | @danavery
Katie Lewis

Katie Lewis is a graphic designer and photographer from Madison, Wis. As an AmeriCorps*VISTA for United Way of Central Kentucky, Katie focused on building sustainable marketing and communications materials. She holds a BFA from University of Wisconsin–Madison. LinkedIn | @klizlewis