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Tips for Software Innovators Inside the Federal Government

Posted on by Robert Read in Commentary, Guest Post, Public service

This is a guest post by Robert Read, a Presidential Innovation Fellow known for his work on RFP-EZ. Change the game through prototypes, Be a samurai: a loyal hacker, Be fast rather than good, Stand on the shoulders of giants, Scrape, …

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8 Power Tools for Government

Posted on by Laura Meixell in 2013 Fellow, Cities, Gov2.0, News, Public service

We asked Code for America’s geeks about their favorite web tools for productivity. These tools are all easy to use, require no computer programing skills, and free (at least up to a certain usage). We hope some of these will …

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Spotlight: Bruce Haupt, City of Houston

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, Commentary, Public service

Bruce Haupt (@brucehaupt) is the Director of Performance Improvement for the City of Houston. He also recently co-organized the city’s first hackathon for the National Day of Civic Hacking— a resounding success with nearly 300 participants, 215 datasets, and 26 …

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#WaldoCanyonFire – Lessons for Social Media in a Crisis

Posted on by Jacob Anderson in Collaboration, Gov2.0, Guest Post, Public service

This post is written by Jacob Anderson, Innovation Analyst for the City of Colorado Springs, and is crossposted from “If you are available to do so, can you come into the joint info center for a bit to help …

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Recovers: Why We’re Coding for America

Posted on by Caitria O’Neill in Accelerator, Civic Startups, Coding for America, Public service

Recovers is one of the seven civic startups in the inaugural class of the CfA Accelerator.  I am what some would call a non-technical founder. I spoke Russian, not Ruby. I studied government, not the software that supported it. Sure, I knew my …

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Aunt Bertha: Why We’re Coding for America

Posted on by Erine Gray in Accelerator, Coding for America, Commentary, Public service

Aunt Bertha is one of the seven civic startups in the inaugural class of the CfA Accelerator.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Ever had someone in your family find out they had cancer? A car accident? Or is unemployed for a …

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Hacking Like We Give A Damn

Posted on by Paul Davis in #meta, Commentary, Guest Post, Public service

Folks convinced that the emerging generation will usher in the end of Western Civilization have enjoyed a reverberant echo chamber recently: Millennials allegedly don’t value recorded music, cheat on tests, are akin to untrained puppies in the workplace, and lack faith in government. Judging …

Health Startups: The Hummingbirds of Change

Posted on by Amy Puliafito, Rock Health in Commentary, Guest Post, Public service

Perhaps no other sector is ripe for disruption quite as much as healthcare. The internet and wireless devices have transformed global connectivity. More individuals on earth own a cell phone than have access to a toilet. Genome sequencing is becoming …