Spotlight: Kiran Jain, City of Oakland

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, Design, News, Oakland


Kiran Jain (@jainkiranc) is an attorney for the City of Oakland with a background in real estate, technology, and municipal law practice. She was also a 2012 Leading by Design fellow at the California College of the Arts. Kiran has …

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KCMO: Making Room for Experimentation

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, Kansas City, News, Procurement


Ever since the the highly-publicized failure of, the news has been full of government technology horror stories ai??i?? overdue contracts, bloated budgets, broken bidding processes, and malfunctioning software. While such cases are not infrequent in government IT, they are …

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Spotlight: Mark Leech, City of Albuquerque

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, Data, News


Mark Leech (@LeechMT) is the Application Development Manager for the City of Albuquerque, N.M. He’s been leading the City’s open data initiative, ABQ Data. Since launching buy doxycycline for chlamydia. #Purchase Doxycycline. doxycycline over the counter cvs. in June 2012, …

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Spotlight: Heather Hudson, City of Baltimore

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Baltimore, Cities, News, Summit

Heather Hudson is the recently-appointed Chief Data Officer for the City of Baltimore. Though Baltimore has long been recognized as a leader in data-driven decision making, having pioneered the Baltimore CitiStat performance management program, the role of Chief Data Officer …

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Notes from the field: BetaNYC’s PLUTO Hacknights

Posted on by Noel Hidalgo in Brigade, Cities, Civic Hacking, Open Data, Open Gov

For the past month, New Yorkai??i??s civic hackers visited PLUTO. We are not talking about the ai???formerlyai??? ninth planet, we are talking one of the most important datasets any city could provide as open data — tax lot and zoning …

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Spotlight: Jonathan Feldman, City of Asheville

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, News


Jonathan Feldman (@_jfeldman) is the Chief Information Officer for the City of Asheville, N.C. Asheville is a small city with a big startup and open data scene that has been featured on and the National League of Cities. Jonathan …

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Designing Smart Open Cities

Posted on by Reed Duecy-Gibbs in #meta, 2013 Fellow, Cities, Design, News

There is much discussion about cities becoming smarter, but becoming smarter is only part of what we should be aiming to achieve. Cities need to change in many ways to accommodate the influx of people during the 21st century.   …

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MVP (Most Valuable Public resource)

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Cities, News

There was a time when technical resources were scarcer than human resources in government. But now, with the explosion of cloud storage, personal devices, and enterprise SaaS (software as a service) available at low cost ai??i?? and the massive budget …

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Perspectives on Procurement

Posted on by Ryan Driscoll in Cities, News, Procurement

can i buy ciprofloxacin over the counter. #Cipro canada. non prescription cipro. This month the Peer Network has continued exploring opportunities to improve municipal IT procurement, convening a series of discussions and what we hope ai??i?? with your help ai??i?? …

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8 Power Tools for Government

Posted on by Laura Meixell in 2013 Fellow, Cities, Gov2.0, News, Public service

We asked Code for Americaai??i??s geeks about their favorite web tools for productivity. These tools are all easy to use, require no computer programing skills, and free (at least up to a certain usage). We hope some of these will …

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