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Securing the Louisville Dashboard

Posted on by Shaunak Kashyap in 2013 Fellow, Fellowship, Louisville, Open Source

Our Fellowship team, the Bourbon Planners, built a Jail Population Management Dashboard for the city of Louisville, Ken. This dashboard lets decision makers in Louisville’s criminal justice system visualize and analyze the population in various corrections programs. For reasons of …

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Breathing Life into Open Source: A Talk With Karl Fogel

Posted on by Michelle Lee in 2012 fellows, Commentary, Open Source

All of the code we write at Code for America is open source. And in our second year, we’re increasingly looking toward how to grow vibrant, dynamic developer communities around this principle. I spoke with Karl Fogel, open source software …

Reusable Civic Technology: Urban Legend or Urban Reality?

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Commentary, Gov2.0, News, Open Source

This year’s fellows have been hard at work building apps for their cities for almost six months now, and we’re starting to see the fruits of their efforts. Fellowship cities across the country — and the Code for America office …

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Hard Data on the Status of Open311

Posted on by Ben Sheldon in 2012 fellows, News, Open Gov, Open Source, Open311


With the recent announcement of 311 Labs and Code for America’s recent podcast featuring me talking about my perspective on Open311, this write-up about Open311Status is probably long overdue. Open311Status—still a work in progress–polls Open311 servers in 30 cities and …

From “Zero to Civic” in 5 Minutes

Posted on by Mark Headd in Civic Hacking, Open Data, Open Source

One of the most powerful things about open government data is all of the options it enables. Open data is the single most important ingredient in civic apps, and it can also power visualizations, mashups, and countless other civic uses. …

Code for America in Oaktown: The OpenOakland Brigade

Posted on by Steve Spiker in Guest Post, Open Data, Open Source

Last week we launched the official Oakland Brigade: OpenOakland. If you’re new to Code for America then you’ve been missing out. If you know them, you may not yet know about the Brigade. Open:Oakland is the start of a new Brigade …

Open Government in Buenos Aires

Posted on by Jessica Lord in 2012 fellows, News, Open Data, Open Source

Recently myself and 2011 Code for America fellow, Max Ogden (@maxogden) were in Buenos Aires for JSConf Argentina. While in town we visited friends of Code for America, Buenos Aires’ Open Government and Web departments (@GCBAData, @GCBA). We met with …

Open311: A Foundation for Municipal Collaboration

Posted on by Mark Headd in Gov2.0, Open Source

One of the most common – and important – ways that citizens interact with their government is through the reporting of non-emergency issues in their neighborhoods. How effectively governments manage these requests for service is critical to fostering stable neighborhoods …

Recycling Apps at Civic Hackathons

Posted on by Sheba Najmi in Civic Hacking, Open Source

With the sheer number of civic hackathons starting to reach a critical mass, some are asking whether the energy and drive embodied by these events can be directed to reusing existing applications or projects started at earlier events. This is …

Opening Our Skillshares

Posted on by Zach Williams in 2012 fellows, News, Open Source

Part of being a Code for America fellow is sharing the skills you’ve learned with others, which is why I’m excited to announce our skillshares project on Github. Every internal Code for America skillshare from here on out will have …