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The State of Local Government Procurement

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in News, Open Data, Procurement


This post was co-authored with Rebecca Williams of the Sunlight Foundation and Code for America’s policy intern Ryan Driscoll. This summer, Code for America, Omidyar Network, and the Sunlight Foundation joined forces to investigate municipal procurement trends, best practices, and …

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When Government Joins the Internet of Things

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in News, Open Data

What happens when public infrastructure becomes part of the “Internet of Things“? In an opinion piece in the New York Times today, former Chicago Chief Data Officer Brett Goldstein explores the policy and privacy implications of smart cities: We all …

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Side effects of civic technology partnerships may include healthier cities

Posted on by Christopher Whitaker in Chicago, Civic Hacking, Open Data

One of the success stories in Chicago’s civic innovation community is the rapid spread of health related apps that have come out of both the volunteer civic technology community and paid development efforts. This started last year with Tom Kompare’s …

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Notes from the field: BetaNYC’s PLUTO Hacknights

Posted on by Noel Hidalgo in Brigade, Cities, Civic Hacking, Open Data, Open Gov

For the past month, New York’s civic hackers visited PLUTO. We are not talking about the “formerly” ninth planet, we are talking one of the most important datasets any city could provide as open data — tax lot and zoning …

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Epic win for NYC’s Open Data Community! PLUTO is free!

Posted on by Noel Hidalgo in Civic Hacking, Collaboration, Gov2.0, News, Open Data, Open Gov

Since the signing of New York City’s Open Data Law on March 7, 2012, open data and geo-spacial nurds have been wondering when the City’s extensive land use and geographic data at the tax lot level would be liberated. Today, New York City Department …

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Puerto Rico TechSummit Reimagining the Tech Industry

Posted on by Giancarlo Gonzalez in Guest Post, News, Open Data

When I took the challenge to serve as Chief Information Officer for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, I knew there was a lot at stake. Security and Jobs were the most important points on the Government’s agenda, and it is …

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What does the next NYC Mayor of think of tech?

Posted on by Noel Hidalgo in Brigade, Citizenship, Event, Get Involved, Gov2.0, Open Data, Open Gov

#betaNYC,  Code for America’s Brigade in New York City, the Coalition for Queens, Museum of the Moving Image, Partnership for New York, Startup Box: South Bronx, BLIP: Brooklyn Law Incubator Project, NY Tech Meetup, and Queens County Young Democrats have …

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National Day of Civic Hacking is NYC’s First CityCamp

Posted on by Noel Hidalgo in Brigade, Civic Hacking, Open Data

  On Saturday, June 1, New York City will hold its first CityCamp and NYC BigApps Demo Night! This is one day to celebrate and explore NYC’s civic technology community — hack, polish, and learn! As part of National Day …

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Open Data Policy Evolution: San Francisco

Posted on by Rebecca Williams in Guest Post, News, Open Data, Open Gov

This is reposted from the Sunlight Foundation Blog. Since the release of Sunlight’s Open Data Policy Guidelines last June, Chicago, Madison, Montgomery County, and Utah have all enacted open data laws, and the states of Hawaii and Ohio are both in …

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First Steps with Civic Analytics

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Cities, Data, News, Open Data

Called “a geek squad of civic-minded number-crunchers” by the New York Times in a recent profile, the predictive analytics team led by City of New York’s Chief Analytics Officer Mike Flowers is pioneering new approaches in the field of civic …