Gov Geeks at the Summit

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Summit

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.37.01 PM

In many ways, the Code for America Summit is a three-day celebration of the buy doxycycline for syphilis. #Buy Doxycycline. where to buy doxycycline for dogs. the amazing government officials who make up the CfA Peer Network ai??i?? and the …

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Designing Smart Open Cities

Posted on by Reed Duecy-Gibbs in #meta, 2013 Fellow, Cities, Design, News

There is much discussion about cities becoming smarter, but becoming smarter is only part of what we should be aiming to achieve. Cities need to change in many ways to accommodate the influx of people during the 21st century.   …

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We’re Thinking About Open, Civic Data Standards

Posted on by Kevin Curry in #meta, Data, News

#cfabrigade hive mind: Cambridge (MA) Oak., South Bend, San Diego govs pursuing #opendata pol/leg + Bikeshare cities pondering data standrds ai??i?? Kevin Curry (@kmcurry) August 9, 2013 Open data standards are the talk of the civic hacking nation and this …

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MVP (Most Valuable Public resource)

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Cities, News

There was a time when technical resources were scarcer than human resources in government. But now, with the explosion of cloud storage, personal devices, and enterprise SaaS (software as a service) available at low cost ai??i?? and the massive budget …

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Thank You, RackSpace

Posted on by Alex Tran in #meta, Fellowship, News

Yesterday, Rackspace joined Code for America in a big way. Rackspace now offers their employees year long sabbaticals in order to join our community Ai??of civic hackersAi??ai??i?? our Fellowship ai??i?? with the option to return to Rackspace post-fellowship. doxycycline reviews …

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Video: How to Organize a Hack Night

Posted on by Hannah Young in #meta, Brigade, News

Last Thursday, the Code for America Brigade hosted a Hangout to discuss best practices for starting up and running a hack night. PanelistsAi??included:Ai?? levitra 20mg. #cheap Levitra. how to make levitra more effective. bactrim reviews. #Cipro reviews. how fast does …

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The Best is Yet to Come

Posted on by Alex Tran in #meta, Commentary, Kansas City

There is an incredible potential hidden in the middle of things. Within our fellowship cohort, the middle of the year is levitra uses. #order Levitra. how to take levitra. constantly stirring with possibilities, chaos, triumph, and the potential for greatness, …

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Municipal Code[rs]

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Cities

Weai??i??re six weeks into our beta launch of the Peer Network, CfAai??i??s membership-based community of innovators who work in local government. So far, representatives from 42 cities and counties are helping us to pilot the new program. Who doxycycline over …

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First Steps with Civic Analytics

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Cities, Data, News, Open Data

Called “a geek squad of civic-minded number-crunchers” by the New York Times in a recent profile, the predictive analytics team led by City of New York’s Chief Analytics Officer Mike Flowers is pioneering new approaches in the field of civic …

800 Interviews.

Posted on by Bob Sofman in #meta, Commentary, Fellowship

Spending a week living on a $32.17 food budget. Shadowing a homeless shelter caseworker. Riding shotgun on a midnight police patrol. Hiking portions of a 110 mile canal trail. Spending time in jail (just visiting). Jogging through the city with …

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