Transportation Standards and the Break of Gauge

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After spending a month in San Francisco attending the CfA training, I got off my flight to Washington DC and walked to the WMATA Metro station. I was suddenly struck with deja-vu: Even the paper tickets are clearly using an …

Data Camp Seattle:
Northwest Gov 2.0 Geeks Make it Look Easy

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Bill Schrier Intoroduction

Government 2.0 got to the Northwest long before our Code for America team arrived in February. Last year at Seattle’s City Hall, hundreds attended Ai??Open Gov West, a conference to network open government enthusiasts and to foster progress on open …

In Philadelphia, Data Panel by Night, Data Camp by Day

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We love open government and open data — it’s what makes much of our work possible — and that’s why the CFA Philly team is spending time in our last week inAi??PhiladelphiaAi??to spread the open data message. And weAi??certaintyAi??aren’t alone. …

Why I’m Coordinating For America

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Code for America, over the years it will work with city governments, has the ability to do exactly what Tim Oai??i??Reilly envisions: to ai???change the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.ai??? One of the ways it will do this …

Boston: Citizens Connected

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On our first day in Boston, we were excited to join a conference call hosted by the City to announce developer access to its Citizens Connect platform. Citizens Connect is an innovative mobile app that allows residents to use their …

CfA DataCamps: Packed Houses Across the Country

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While our fellows are in their cities during February, they aren’t working 9am to 5pm; it’s more like 6am to 11pm. From the hundreds of interviews they’re conducting to develop the projects to the local events they’re attending to build …

In Philadelphia, 311 Helps Citizens Feel the Love

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The woman on the phone didnai??i??t want to complain, and she didnai??i??t need help getting her car dug out of the snow. She just wanted to know if the geese she saw in the park were going to be OK. …

Ignite on Philadelphia, CfA, and “Being the Dumbest Guy in the Room”

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Last Thursday, Pete Fecteau took the stage at Ignite Philly 7 on behalf of Team Philadelphia to talk about CfA, why he’s participating, and what we’re hoping to accomplish in the city. His Ignite, titled “The Dumbest Person in the …

CfA Pitching In During Boston’s “Snow-pocalypse”

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A few weeks ago, Boston was experiencing a snow-pocalypse. Inches upon inches of snow had piled up, cutting off businesses and trapping citizens in their home. But early that morning, the Code for America offices received an email: “Hi CFA …

Ignite on CfA, Technology, and Education in Boston

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This week, the Boston team had the opportunity to participate in the Ignite Boston to talk about our work with CfA and how we’re hoping to use technology to improve education. We tried to give a sense of what we’re …