National Day of Civic Hacking Report Back from NYC

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This past weekend, the New York City metro area hosted five National Day of Civic Hacking events! (Two in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, one in Queens fluconazole walmart canada. #Diflucan Canada. where to buy diflucan over the counter. , and …

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Mobile Crowdsourcing

Posted on by Max Ogden in Dispatches


Some experiments in collecting images + location from mobile devices Over the last couple of years I’ve been fascinated with technology that collects and aggregates mappable information. Specifically I have been searching for or creating tools that have these properties: …

Humility and Trust in the Omidyar Network

Posted on by Jennifer Pahlka in Commentary, Dispatches


“Humble” was one of the three words I used when introducing myself at the Omidyar Network Executive Forum this week, but at the time I did not know how truly humble I would feel by the end of the event. …

Apps for Education: Launching, Iterating, and Thinking Big

Posted on by Scott Silverman in CfA Labs, Dispatches


In February, seven Code for America fellows spent 28 days in Boston, embedded in the heart diflucan price. #Diflucan Online. fluconazole single dose. of City Hall and the Boston Public School system. We heard stories of all kinds: a teacher …

Hyperarchy: Open Decision-Making for Open Organizations

Posted on by Joel Mahoney in CfA Labs, Dispatches


It was 9 p.m. on a Friday night and six Code for America Fellows were trying to decide where to go for dinner.Ai?? It went something like this: Joel: Let’s go to Bindi.Ai?? They’re right across the street and they’re …

Hackathon at Stanford: Opening up Government Data

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stanford 3

Yesterday, a big group from CfA headed down to the South Bay for a Hackathon at Stanford. Organized by Sam King and some other passionate coders on campus, the event was focused on getting college students buy doxycycline for chlamydia. …

LikeMinded Aims to Make Local Volunteerism Go Viral

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Clay Shirky, a Code for America advisor and an author on the social effects of the Internet, likes to talk about “the people formerly known as the audience.” These people aren’t content to sit back and observe, he says. The …

Government! Sparkleforce!

Posted on by Chacha Sikes in Dispatches

We’re fluconazole canada pharmacy. #Diflucan Canada Online. diflucan refill. pleased to offer you some Government Sparkle for your desktop. (Just wait for the laptop stickers!) This happened at day two of the Seattle Datacamp at the Jigsaw Renaissance hacker space …

Boston: GIS More than Making Maps

Posted on by Ryan Resella in Commentary, Dispatches

Boston GIS

Over the past few years local government GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Departments have grown significantly. Ai??GIS has been an important tool for mapping, data visualizations and spatial analysis. Cities have been relying on GIS for public safety, public works, infrastructure …

Presidents’ Day Data Camp DC

Posted on by Jeremy Canfield in Dispatches, News

Across the country, Presidents’ Day is known for the sales that car makers and clothiers hold to draw consumers out of their post-holiday budget freeze. D.C. has diflucan reviews for oral thrush. #Diflucan reviews. diflucan reviews for candida. always been …