Pattern Sharing inCode for America’s New Website

Posted on by Jeremy Keith in Design, Guest Post, News

This guest post was originally published on Clear/Thinking. Mike has written about the Code for America alpha website that we collaborated on: We chose to work with ClearLeft because they develop a pattern portfolio (a pattern/style library) which would allow …

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Spotlight: Kiran Jain, City of Oakland

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, Design, News, Oakland


Kiran Jain (@jainkiranc) is an attorney for the City of Oakland with a background in real estate, technology, and municipal law practice. She was also a 2012 Leading by Design fellow at the California College of the Arts. Kiran has …

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Strengthening the civic design community

Posted on by Cyd Harrell in Design, News


Last night more than 40 people gathered at the Code for America office to kick off planning for a one or two day Civic Design Camp in March (date and location to be announced soon!) and to start building the …

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Hacking Civic Engagement Through Design

Posted on by Lauren Reid in Design

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Designing Smart Open Cities

Posted on by Reed Duecy-Gibbs in #meta, 2013 Fellow, Cities, Design, News

There is much discussion about cities becoming smarter, but becoming smarter is only part of what we should be aiming to achieve. Cities need to change in many ways to accommodate the influx of people during the 21st century.   …

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Cyd Harrell: Why I’m Coding For America

Posted on by Cyd Harrell in CfA Staff, Coding for America, Commentary, Design, News

Iai??i??m coding for America because I believe that good UX design has the potential to transform our relationship with government – by building better citizen experiences, we can rebuild the understanding that, as Jen Pahlka says, government is what we …

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Designing for Civic Action: Code for America at UX Week

Posted on by Emily Wright Moore in 2012 fellows, Commentary, Design

A path to civic action is often sparked by moments like these: Walking down a busy street only to realize your sidewalk is closed without buy fluconazole amazon. #Buy Diflucan. generic fluconazole. providing a safe or convenient detour. Or encountering …

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“Quick Win”

Posted on by Tamara Shopsin in 2012 fellows, Design, News, Santa Cruz


Day 1 of being in Santa Cruz, Calif. The maps around city hall are confusing, out of date, and the display cases are fogged up: Cityai??i??s website is no better: CfA January training: ai???Look for quick I make a …

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Forage City Workshop

Posted on by Tamara Shopsin in 2012 fellows, Design, News

Joel brings Monster downstairs so fluconazole shopping. #Diflucan Canada Online. how to take diflucan. we have enough computers. Eddie installs a 30 day trial version of Adobe Illustrator on his machine so we have enough computers running Illustrator. Youth Radio …

Designing Preparedness

Posted on by Alex Pandel in 2012 fellows, Commentary, Design, New Orleans

  When it comes to opt-in, emergency preparedness initiatives, marketing is everything. Sometimes the abstract threat of disaster is just too far removed from how to get doxycycline prescription. #Order Doxycycline USA. buy doxycycline for syphilis. the average person’s realm …