Spotlight: Mark Leech, City of Albuquerque

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Cities, Data, News


Mark Leech (@LeechMT) is the Application Development Manager for the City of Albuquerque, N.M. He’s been leading the City’s open data initiative, ABQ Data. Since launching buy doxycycline for chlamydia. #Purchase Doxycycline. doxycycline over the counter cvs. in June 2012, …

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Coping with the Shutdown: Federal Data

Posted on by Michal Migurski in Data, News

The Federal Government has shut down operations. Itai??i??s not the first such event (there were three in 1977 alone), though it does have certain unique characteristics. Leaving the politics aside for the moment, whatai??i??s a civic hacker or data journalist …

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We’re Thinking About Open, Civic Data Standards

Posted on by Kevin Curry in #meta, Data, News

#cfabrigade hive mind: Cambridge (MA) Oak., South Bend, San Diego govs pursuing #opendata pol/leg + Bikeshare cities pondering data standrds ai??i?? Kevin Curry (@kmcurry) August 9, 2013 Open data standards are the talk of the civic hacking nation and this …

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The 2014 Fellowship Applicants

Posted on by Dana Oshiro in Data, Fellowship, News

Code for America’s 2014 Fellowship application closed at midnight last night and we’re happy to announce that 658 talented individuals applied for the program. To those of you who applied ai??i?? thank you so much for your dedication to civic …

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Data & the Future of Cities

Posted on by Ashley Meyers in Data, News

In 2012 EMC made a generous contribution to Code for America, in a joint effort to take advantage of the promise of big data for local governments. They sponsored a data science Fellow,Ai??Matt Hampel, who during his Fellowship created LocalData …

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Brigade 101: How to Hack Night

Posted on by Noel Hidalgo in Brigade, Chicago, Citizenship, Civic Hacking, Data, Hackathon, Oakland

Following in the footsteps of Chicagoai??i??s Open City Open Gov Hack Night, Code for America Brigades are increasing innovation and building a national network of weekly meetups to socialize, code, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration for civic change. These hack nights …

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First Steps with Civic Analytics

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in #meta, Cities, Data, News, Open Data

Called “a geek squad of civic-minded number-crunchers” by the New York Times in a recent profile, the predictive analytics team led by City of New York’s Chief Analytics Officer Mike Flowers is pioneering new approaches in the field of civic …

San Francisco, a city that knows its faults

Posted on by Emily Wright Moore in 2012 fellows, Accelerator, Civic Startups, Data, San Francisco

Crossposted from: buy vardenafil 20mg. #buy Levitra online. levitra cost uk. Low vacancy, numerous homeless people, elegant old buildings, shuttle buses to Silicon Valley… and warning, Iai??i??m going to talk about earthquakes. If it gets scary, stick with me: …

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LearnSprout: Why We’re Coding for America

Posted on by Frank Chien in Accelerator, Coding for America, Data

LearnSprout is one of the seven civic startups in theAi??inauguralAi??class of the CfAAi??Accelerator.Ai?? Assimilating Innovation When the first computers began to make their way into classrooms back in the early 1980ai???s, there was great hope and excitement that their introduction …

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Revelstone: Why We’re Coding for America

Posted on by Rob Gordy in Accelerator, Coding for America, Commentary, Data

Revelstone is one of the seven civic startups in theAi??inauguralAi??class of the CfAAi??Accelerator.Ai?? Iai??i??ve spent my entire career understanding data. Looking deep into the numbers to diflucan reviews for oral thrush. #Diflucan reviews. fluconazole reviews for toenail fungus. figure out …

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