CEO for Cities: “Stop Waiting for Washington”

Posted on by Lee Fisher in Commentary, Guest Post


This guest post is by Lee Fisher, President and CEO of CEOs for Cities. Lee is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State Universityai??i??s Levin College of Urban Affairs and has served as Ohio Lt. …

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Lynn Fine: Why I’m Coding for America

Posted on by Lynn Fine in CfA Staff, Commentary

I grew up in an activist family. My parents moved to San Francisco in the 1960′s and were deeply involved in advancing issues of civil rights and social justice. With no Facebook posts or Twitter hashtags available to them they …

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People, Not Data

Posted on by Jacob Solomon in 2013 Fellow, Commentary, San Francisco

Cross-posted from Medium:Ai?? This is San Franciscoai??i??s main Food Stamps office. People call itAi??twelve-thirty-five, as in 1235 Mission Street. The first time I went was on Thursday, February 7, 2013. I walked past the concrete pillars, through the metal detector …

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Reed Duecy-Gibbs: Why I’m Coding for America

Posted on by Reed Duecy-Gibbs in 2013 Fellow, Coding for America, Commentary

In my eyes the most significant phenomena that are reorganizing society and our planet are the explosion of urban populations and the rise of digital information technology. These trends, for better and worse, are disrupting our physical and societal landscapes. …

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Sophia Parafina: Why I’m Coding for America

Posted on by Sophia Parafina in 2013 Fellow, Coding for America, Commentary

what are the side effects of taking atarax. #generic Atarax. what is the drug atarax used for. I Code for America because I believe in praxis. Praxis, as I loosely define it with all apologies to Marx, is the process …

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The Intentional Stack: Technology Choices in Civic Projects

Posted on by Dave Guarino in Commentary, Fellowship, Technology

An oft-discussed subject in the civic tech world is the cavernous divide in the underlying technologies used by the private tech sector as opposed to those used by government entities. Some stylized examples: open source vs. proprietary; Ruby on Rails …

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GOV 2.0 Gift Guide: Rest & Reflection for 2013

Posted on by Alex Tran in Commentary

This holiday season, you may be traveling far and wide in search of some R&R before the coming year. You might be reconnecting with family, working yourself to the bone as 2014 too quickly approaches, or perhaps headed to one …

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Matt Boitano: Why I’m Coding For America

Posted on by Matt Boitano in CfA Staff, Commentary

I guess Iai??i??m the sort of person who tends to enjoy things that other people hate. For example, when I told friends and family that I was a Politics major in college, they tended to wrinkle their faces and grimace. …

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Dana Oshiro: Why I’m Coding for America

Posted on by Dana Oshiro in CfA Staff, Commentary

Several months ago I left my position of three years in pursuit of new challenges. In the past I’ve worked in tech journalism, how does zoloft work. #cheap Zoloft. does zoloft make you feel high. publishing, public affairs, environmental health, …

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Put the Give in Thanksgiving

Posted on by Hannah Young in Commentary


Thanksgiving is almost here–a day which for many of us means a carousel of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie. Before you sit down to dinner this year, here are five ways you can help others access food and services. …

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