Spotlight: Heather Hudson, City of Baltimore

Posted on by Lauren Dyson in Baltimore, Cities, News, Summit

Heather Hudson is the recently-appointed Chief Data Officer for the City of Baltimore. Though Baltimore has long been recognized as a leader in data-driven decision making, having pioneered the Baltimore CitiStat performance management program, the role of Chief Data Officer …

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Brigade Spotlight: Bmore Pipeline

Posted on by Hannah Young in Baltimore, Citizenship, Commentary, Gov2.0

Andrew Coy talks about Race for Reuse, his work at the Digital Harbor Foundation, and why technology needs a “little league.” Imagine you run into a friend you havenai??i??t spoken with since 2009. Whatai??i??s the quickest way youai??i??d update them …

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Building The New Civic Hackathon

Posted on by Mark Headd in Baltimore, Commentary, Open Data, Philadelphia, San Francisco

Sometimes, a word can’t do justice to an idea. To some, the word “hackathon” means a somewhat narrow, one-dimensional kind of event that attracts software developers cloistered away to tinker with new APIs – fueled by pizza, Red Bull, and …