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S t e a l – T h i s – R e p o

Posted on by Tamara Shopsin

Blockee is a web application that lets you visualize improvements to your block. It was built as a Labs Friday project by Jesse Bounds, Nick Doiron, Serena Wales and myself. You can try it out at Blockee.org. Initially the app …

“Quick Win”

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Day 1 of being in Santa Cruz, Calif. The maps around city hall are confusing, out of date, and the display cases are fogged up: Cityai??i??s website is no better: CfA January training: ai???Look for quick wins.ai??? I make a …

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Forage City Workshop

Posted on by Tamara Shopsin

Joel brings Monster downstairs so fluconazole shopping. #Diflucan Canada Online. how to take diflucan. we have enough computers. Eddie installs a 30 day trial version of Adobe Illustrator on his machine so we have enough computers running Illustrator. Youth Radio …

Utility Boxes

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Santa Cruz is trying to get more people biking to work. So theyai??i??ve installed electric cabinets all over town. James Burr the Transportation Manager for the Santa Cruz Public Works Department explained that these are doxycycline over the counter cvs. …

Occupy Planning Dept

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8:00 am: People trickle in one by one. A woman is starting a personal training business. She draws her floor plan on the back of a land use form. The city takes the plan though it is missing a dimension. …

Surf City

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Monday City hall looks like Charlie Chaplinai??i??s studio. It was builtAi??as part of a WPA project. Peter Koht, our city contact introduces us to everyone. TheyAi??give us coffee mugs and an office in IT. We call it the fish bowl …

Field trip: City Hall

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Pre-field trip: Debate on dress code – Blazers vs. Track Jackets levitra 20mg how to use. #cheap Levitra. levitra 20mg. Travel: Muni with clipper card tutorials for the bikers. SF City Hall Wiki trivia: Dome is the fifth largest in …