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Talin Salway graduated from UNLV with a degree in Computer Science in 2009, and has developed web applications since then, including the co-founding of social location site peerCompass.com, which aggregates multiple social feeds — Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare — into user-friendly desktop and mobile apps. He was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, and was part of a team which placed in the 2009 DefCon badge hacking contest.

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Github pushes, Screaming Hawks, and a Culture of Collaboration

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It’s a busy day in the Code for America offices. Coders and Designers work in twos and threes, building out four or five different projects. Suddenly, over the bustle of discussion, a loud generic zoloft reviews. #generic Zoloft. what is …

CfA Pitching In During Boston’s “Snow-pocalypse”

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A few weeks ago, Boston was experiencing a snow-pocalypse. Inches upon inches of snow had piled up, cutting off businesses and trapping citizens in their home. But early that morning, the ciprofloxacin 500mg. #Cipro reviews. ciprofloxacin reviews for prostatitis. Code …

Talin Salway: Why I’m Coding for America

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I believe technology is vital to the future of government and nationhood in the United States, for three reasons: efficiency, transparency, but most importantly, for fostering a zoloft for anxiety. #buy Zoloft online. sertraline 50 mg side effects. culture of …