Sheba Najmi2012 Fellow

A Code for America Fellow (2012), Sheba Najmi is a user experience designer and product strategist. At Yahoo! she was a lead designer for Yahoo! Mail, the company’s flagship service with over 260 million users. More recently, Sheba co-founded a startup focused on the oft-overlooked baby boomer and senior citizen audiences. She has also worked as a television news anchor in Pakistan, interviewing and reporting from both the streets and the studio. Sheba earned an MS degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, where she investigated the language, thought, and interaction of humans and computers.

Posts by Sheba

Introducing: Honolulu Answers & Write-a-thon

Posted on by Sheba Najmi

Early on Saturday, July 28, more than 55 city employees and community members came together to write content for the City of Honolulu’s new beta website – Honolulu Answers. From the ground up, Honolulu Answers is designed to be people-centric, …

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A City Partnership Extraordinaire

Posted on by Sheba Najmi

“I still remember the moment you told me you’d found Adopt-a-Hydrant on our Github account, Forest.  I was so impressed, so excited, and so happy.  It was like a dream coming true.” — Jennifer Pahlka to Forest Frizzell (Deputy Director …

Recycling Apps at Civic Hackathons

Posted on by Sheba Najmi

With the sheer number of civic hackathons starting to reach a critical mass, some are asking whether the energy and drive embodied by these events can be directed to reusing existing applications or projects started at earlier events. This is …

Honolulu’s Bus Awareness Experiment

Posted on by Sheba Najmi

This Thursday, April 12, Honolulu is trying something it’s never done before: experimenting with a real world social media marketing campaign by reaching out to local geeks, social media influencers, students, and pretty much anyone with a smart phone. With …