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Prashant Singh is a software developer, working most recently for Microsoft on television products for the Xbox, phones, and set-top boxes. Prashant likes to make, tinker, and dirty his hands with software, bicycles, furniture, and whatever else will fit in his apartment. Before working on consumer technology, Prashant was a signal processing researcher. He received his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Rice University.

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LocalData, the Law, and User Research

Posted on by Prashant Singh

Sometimes people ask what it’s like to be a Code for America Fellow and work on things likeAi??LocalData. By my expression, they quickly garner that it’s hard work. But as demonstrated by the tale of LocalData user research, it’s also …

A Day in the Life of a CfA Fellow: Prashant Singh

Posted on by Prashant Singh

What’s it like to be a Code for America Fellow? Fasten your seatbelts. Just kidding, don’t read this at all in a car: either pay attention to the road or make pleasant conversation with your driver. For everyone else… cipro …

Detroit Warmth in Winter

Posted on by Prashant Singh

Alicia, Matt, and I have been in Detroit for about two weeks now. After we landed, the first thing that struck me was the cold. Brutal, windy cold. But since then, we’ve met a ton of people, and luckily that’s …

Importance of Communication

Posted on by Prashant Singh

In the second week of the Code for zoloft dosage. #buy Zoloft online. what is zoloft used for. America 2012 Fellowship, we had some great guests and speakers. Many of them stressed the importance of good communication fairly explicitly. But …