Michelle LeeCofounder at Textizen, 2012 Fellow

Michelle Lee is Cofounder and CEO at Textizen, an SMS civic engagement platform that combines the best of analog and digital outreach. She was a 2012 Code for America fellow with the City of Philadelphia. From 2005-2011, Michelle was a UX Designer at Google on the Maps, Flu Trends, and Docs teams. Michelle created Forms under Google’s 20% time policy, and it is now the fasting growing form of Google Doc online. Previously, she designed online trust and safety tools for eBay, cars for baby boomers, and studied human-computer interaction at Stanford University’s Symbolic Systems Program.

Posts by Michelle

Citizen Engagement: One Text at A Time

Posted on by Michelle Lee

This is the second post in a short series in effort to recognize and celebrate the close of the 2013 Code for America Incubator. This new program was created to support Code for America Fellows as they work towards building …

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Breathing Life into Open Source: A Talk With Karl Fogel

Posted on by Michelle Lee

All of the code we write at Code for America is open source. And in our second year, weai??i??re increasingly looking toward how to grow vibrant, dynamic developer communities around this principle. I spoke with Karl Fogel, open source software …

Demo Across America, Episode 1

Posted on by Michelle Lee

Get these projects in your cityOur 26 fellows are partnering with 8 cities this year, but the impact of their apps can scale far beyond that. We’re excited to present Demo Across America, Episode 1 ai??i?? short tastes of six …

Does the Digital Divide Have a Silver Lining?

Posted on by Michelle Lee

As our team of three Philadelphia fellows met with city officials and local organizations across the city, we heard the number 42 over and over. No, we weren’t hitchiking across the galaxy. Forty-two is the percentage of Philadelphians without home …