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Mjumbe Wa Watu Poe has worked for the last five years developing software tools for researchers at the University of Pennsylvania for modelling and simulating social phenomena. Recently, he has been building a set of applications called “Phillyware” to help people better use and affect their city and consulting for a firm developing a collaboration tool for high school educators. He graduated in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College.

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Understanding the Engagement Toolkit

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Pheattle at work

Last week,Ai??Chacha Sikes called a meeting of the Pheattle (that’s Philly and Seattle combined) team to try to get a clearer idea of one of the projects we’re doing with the cities. Ai??I thought it was helpful. Ai??We ended up …

Mjumbe Poe: Why I’m Coding for America

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For me, CfA represents an opportunity to do two things: 1. Engage in a conversation about how government can better interact with citizens. This is an important conversation to have in the where to buy diflucan over the counter. #Buy …