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Matt Lewis is a government and tech geek who wants to help leverage technology to make the public sphere more open and efficient. He has spent much of his fellowship year working with the federal government on a Veteran specific career platform, in addition to working with the City of Philadelphia to build tools that make civic engagement easier for busy citizens. Matt has a wide array of experience in politics, business, and technology. He's worked as a marketing analyst for a digital ad agency in San Francisco, helped craft grassroots organizing strategies for the Newsom for Progress campaign, and has worked as an equity analyst for a boutique financial analysis firm. Matt graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 2009 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE)

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Governments on Twitter: It’s Not Just About Followers

Posted on by Matt Lewis

Last month, our Chief Geek Dan Melton blogged about the link top ten twittering local governments, based on the amount of followers on each account. While there were some surprises in the top 10 (notably @okcountysheriff ranking 10th nationally for …

In Philadelphia, Data Panel by Night, Data Camp by Day

Posted on by Matt Lewis


We love open government and open data — it’s what makes much of our work possible — and that’s why the CFA Philly team is spending time in our last week inAi??PhiladelphiaAi??to spread the open data message. And weAi??certaintyAi??aren’t alone. …

In Philadelphia, 311 Helps Citizens Feel the Love

Posted on by Matt Lewis


The woman on the phone didnai??i??t want to complain, and she didnai??i??t need help getting her car dug out of the snow. She just wanted to know if the geese she saw in the park were going to be OK. …

Learning in Philly from Philly

Posted on by Matt Lewis


By the time the Code for America team met with Tommy Jones, the interim CTO for Philadelphia, it was five in the evening, and my mind was spinning. I was struggling to keep everything in my mind all at once. We had met with leaders in the Department of Technology, and in the Mayorai??i??s office, and even with the Mayor himself.

Matt Lewis: Why I’m Coding for America

Posted on by Matt Lewis

The phrase “fixing government” brings a lot of baggage along with it for anywhere as pluralistic as America. Old dividing questions are invariably dredged up: smaller government, or more services? Security or freedom? Boxers or briefs? Americans expect a great …