Karla Macedo2011 Fellow

Karla Macedo is a graphic designer with a deep interest in design that helps create positive social impact. Karla is looking to refine her skills as she transitions to web work. During her time at Code for America she helped organize the Iconathon, a series of events that helped create the first-ever civic symbol suite. As a native Spanish speaker she understands the importance of bridging communication barriers through design. Karla also helped redesign and conceptualize the branding for Bostonavigator, Discover BPS, Wheres My School Bus, Building Boston, Boston Public Schools, and Boston Public Works. She hopes to continue to use design to bring communities together, tell stories, and inform.

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My Summit Experience: Karla Macedo

Posted on by Karla Macedo

Just over a week ago Code for America hosted its first-ever Summit at SPUR. We spent two days going over all that weai??i??ve learned and all that weai??i??ve built. Gov 2.0 buzz words such as platform, participatory, data-driven decision making, …

Civic Symbol Suite: 40 New Icons for the Public Domain!

Posted on by Karla Macedo


In late June, prompted by an idea from fellow Chach Sikes, Matt Lewis wrote a stirring love letter titled, “Code for America loves you!” This was directed to Noun Project, an online repository of public domain icons, because just about …

Reflecting on the Iconathons

Posted on by Karla Macedo


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The EDU Iconathon: Boston

Posted on by Karla Macedo


This doxycycline over the counter usa. #Order Doxycycline USA. how to get doxycycline prescription. Saturday, Code for America will be hosting another Iconathon with the City of Boston!Ai??Held in collaboration with The Noun Project, Boston’s event will focus on designing …

Designers: Consider the Icon

Posted on by Karla Macedo


As designers and visual communicators, we should do better to consciously recognize the communicative value of icons and symbols. Designers are a curious breed of people: we are creators, diflucan one where to buy in usa. #Order Diflucan. diflucan one …

Happy Flag Day!

Posted on by Karla Macedo


levitra uses. #Buy Levitra canada. levitra 20mg how to use. Today, we celebrate the strands of our history that made us red, white, and blue, Betsy Ross’s iconic work: Old Glory. Today is Flag Day. As it abundantly obvious, we …

Bostonavigator Redesign

Posted on by Karla Macedo


While in Boston, we fluconazole 150 mg canada. #Diflucan Canada. diflucan one. experienced firsthand the rich cultural opportunities available throughout the city, ranging from historical buildings and landmarks to libraries and museums. We also learned that the City of Boston …

What I Learned from Urban Planners

Posted on by Karla Macedo


APA’s 2011 National Planning Conference drew more than 5,000 planners, officials, and citizens to Boston from April 9 – 12, 2011. The four-day conference addressed the many challenges cities across the United States are faced with today as well as …

Karla Macedo: Why Iai??i??m Coding for America

Posted on by Karla Macedo

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