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Jeremy Canfield is a web developer, interaction designer, and entrepreneur. As a co-founder of Phonagle, he designed, developed, and launched a location-based mobile game, funded by winning a venture capital competition. Before his start-up, he worked for the Government Accountability Office, leveraging open source software to increase transparency and collaboration. He earned a Masters of Science in Information at the University of Michigan.

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Alumni Fellow Spotlight: Jeremy Canfield, Class of 2011

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What led you to CfA I came to CfA after a mobile-social gaming app startup I’d helped launch had faltered. I’d previously worked in government, and while I found the work incredibly compelling, I was by then far too hooked …

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A Hackathon for Everyone

Posted on by Jeremy Canfield

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts

By this point Iai??i??ve participated in quite a few hackathons, app competitions, coding days and data camps, and have even helped throw one. From the outset, the first installment in the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) Summer of …

Presidents’ Day Data Camp DC

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Across the country, Presidents’ Day is known for the sales that car makers and clothiers hold to draw consumers out of their post-holiday budget freeze. D.C. has diflucan reviews for oral thrush. #Diflucan reviews. diflucan reviews for candida. always been …

Jeremy Canfield: Why I am Coding for America

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levitra 20mg. #Levitra without prescription. levitra reviews side effects. Like Justice Brandeis, I believe that Sunlight is the best disinfectant and that coders and designers are a tremendous resource for letting that light into government processes while at the same …