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Erik Michaels-Ober is a software developer and entrepreneur in San Francisco, California. Since graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 2005, he has been a founder and CTO of startups that have raised more than $4.5 million in venture capital. He contributes to various open-source software projects and just wrapped up the summer as a Ruby Summer of Code mentor.

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Today is a Whyday!

Posted on by Erik Michaels-Ober


What is Whyday? It’s a day dedicated to Why doxycycline over the counter alternative. #Buy Doxycycline. buy doxycycline for dogs online. the Lucky Stiff, a programming hero of mine. buy doxycycline for chlamydia. #Order Doxycycline USA. buy doxycycline for syphilis. …

“Joining Forces” with the White House to Help Veterans Find Jobs

Posted on by Erik Michaels-Ober


Code for America is thrilled to announce a new public/private partnership with the White House to help military families find jobs and advance their careers. Earlier today, the First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, along with President Obama …

Erik Michaels-Ober: Why Iai??i??m Coding for America

Posted on by Erik Michaels-Ober

Despite my interest in public service, I’ve spent my entire career working with technology startups in the private sector. This decision was mostly a pragmatic one. When I graduated from college, I had no savings and lots of debt. Computer …