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Podcast: BlightStatus, empowering neighborhood improvement

Posted on by Ariel Charney

    BlightStatus is an online tool that aims to answer the question, ai???Whatai??i??s going on with that abandoned house down the street?ai??? Vacant and abandoned properties have become a huge problem for many cities. The story is clear: these …

A Conversation with Chicago CTO John Tolva

Posted on by Ariel Charney

John Tolva is the CTO for the City of Chicago. Code for America has had to pleasure of working closely with John this year during our partnership with the City. We ask John how Chicago got to being at the …

Podcast: Design Beyond the Past

Posted on by Ariel Charney

Tune-in to Design Beyond the Past: people, paper and city government. In this podcast 2012 CfA Fellow Alicia Rouault comments on the challenges facing city governments in introducing some “Bay Area” innovation. “While cities have the will to innovate, legacy …

Open311 Reality Check: How usable is the API for developers?

Posted on by Ariel Charney

Open311 is leading the national push for open standards. It is the next generation of civic issue tracking, based on the traditional 311 service. The API is free for cities to adopt and many have followed suit. While Open311 is …

Ariel Charney: Why I’m Coding for America

Posted on by Ariel Charney

Why am I Coding for America? First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Ariel Charney and I am a Montrealer, born and raised. I am a self-described environmental, human rights, and student activist. You may be wondering, what …