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Anna Bloom has worked as a reporter and researcher for news organizations ranging from local newspapers to national websites. After graduating from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2010, she worked for YouTube to launch an innovative news project documenting the Bay Area with user-generated video. Prior to that, she regularly contributed to The New York Times Bay Area Blog and co-founded a hyper-local news site for Oakland in 2008,

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Kickstarting Art Around. Creating a Community of Curators

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Last year as 2011 fellows, we pursued a small idea to build an application that helps you map, learn, and discover public and street art. We worked with city government arts commissions and departments in Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, and San …

Explore City Art 3 Ways: On Foursquare, Twitter & Mobile Sites

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      Above, see the team Google+ Hangout photo shoot. The two hip dudes holding the heart? That’s Michael Ellsworth and Corey Gutch, the dynamic design team duo from the Seattle creative agency Dumb Eyes who also help to …

Change by Us Seattle Community Champions

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Some people wake up in the morning wondering what they can do to make the world better and then there are the rare few who work to help others follow in their footsteps.

In Seattle, we have the privilege of working closely with four of them on Change by Us. Their faces are on the homepage, and they have agreed to lead the way, jumping in and offering their expertise to emerging or existing project leaders on the application.

Change by Us Seattle User No. 1

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Photo of Jonathan Chen, manager of Danny Woo Garden

Today the Code for America Seattle team has two big announcements. The first is that this morning we launched a beta version of Change by Us Seattle, a new application to support volunteerism. Change by Us is an online marketplace …

CfA 2011 By the Numbers

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Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 10.15.18 AM

The past seven months have moved quickly at Code for America. We’ve been finding and building solutions for cities. We’ve been hosting and attending weekend-long hackathons. We’ve been eating jelly beans. We’ve kamagra review blogs. #Kamagra reviews. difference between kamagra …

Two can start a community

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John Mertens and I wound up on a collision course in San Francisco’s Chinatown last Saturday. Without knowing it, both of us were headed to the neighborhood to take a photo of the Banksy near Columbus and Broadway for our …

What we’re up to this weekend: A public art scavenger hunt

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Where does community begin? Itai??i??s a question weai??i??ve been asking ourselves a lot. With nearly all our projects, what we weai??i??re aiming to do in cities is to help them use the Internet to harness the power of cognitive surplus …

LikeMinded Aims to Make Local Volunteerism Go Viral

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Clay Shirky, a Code for America advisor and an author on the social effects of the Internet, likes to talk about “the people formerly known as the audience.” These people aren’t content to sit back and observe, he says. The …

Data Camp Seattle:
Northwest Gov 2.0 Geeks Make it Look Easy

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Bill Schrier Intoroduction

Government 2.0 got to the Northwest long before our Code for America team arrived atarax dosage. #generic Atarax. atarax side effects. in February. Last year at Seattle’s City Hall, hundreds attended Ai??Open Gov West, a conference to network open government …

There’s an App – or two – for Seattle’s Mayor

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When I stole a moment to speak with Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn it was the tail end of a long afternoon. He was taking a moment to take a bite to eat. He offered me a seat and some artisan maple ice cream from a popular local shop called Molly Moon.