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Thank You Philadelphia

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It’s time to say thanks to the dedicated public servants that helped our Fellows navigate City Hall and champion our mission. And to the Cities that opened their doors, their minds, and their databases to the 2012 Fellows. What do …

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Announcing Textizen – Citizen feedback for the digital age.

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Citizen feedback is essential to a healthy democracy. But holding in-person meetings can be expensive, time-consuming, and often don’t capture representative feedback. For many residents — such as those who work hours other than 9-to-5 — the two+ hours required …

Subverting the Dominant Paradigm

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ENTP Table breakdown

Personality tests are a funny thing. They tell you things you’ve always known about yourself but never quite knew how to contextualize. On Monday, January 9, we received our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results and spent the morning trying our new qualified identities on …