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Civic startups are companies that use government data to produce software applications and government services. In the words of Philadelphia’s CIO Mark Headd, “a ‘civic startup’ is a startup company with a focus on civic improvement or social good.

Code for America’s programs provides civic startups with funding, mentorship, and the right connections to navigate the government tech ecosystem. The program works to bolster a thriving and competitive marketplace where where to buy doxycycline for dogs. #Purchase Doxycycline. where to buy doxycycline over the counter. governments are offered new technology options at good value for taxpayer dollar.

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The 2013 Accelerator Wrap Up
The 2013 Incubator Wrap Up
How Code for Americaai??i??s Reinventing Government

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The Accelerator

The Code for America Accelerator ai???turbo-chargesai??? select civic startups by providing them an opportunity to amplify market awareness of their product, to access a wealth of business training and advice, cipro 500. #Cipro reviews. bactrim reviews. and to be introduced to a broad network of potential investors and civic leaders. The program runs from July to November and those chosen receive $25K in no-strings funding, mentorship from celebrated civic tech veterans and access to the Code for America network.

The Program


The CfA Incubator is a no-nonsense, highly focused experience helping teams build doxycycline hyclate. #Generic Doxycycline. doxycycline price. a sustainable business from their current product ideas. The program runs from December to June to support the sustainability of applications emerging from the fellowship, to develop apps into scalable business enterprises, and to retain these talented civic technologists where they are most needed: strengthening the ecosystem.

The Program

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Tim Oai??i??Reilly Liya Brook Tina Garcia Bryant Lau Gil Penchina Chris Thomas
Ryan Alfred Jeff Clavier Jordan Gilbertson Noel Loughrin Bret Reckard Parker Thompson
Mike Alfred Dave Clifford Robert Goldberg John Lyman Steve Ressler John Thompson
Stewart Alsop Andrew Crow Marci Harris Matt Manos Bryce Roberts Zac Townsend
Lane Becker Christian Crumlish Hilary Hoeber Beverly May Aviva Rosenstein Ly Tran
Ben Berkowitz Kurt Daradics David Hogue Nicco Mele Dan Saffer Dan Turner
Kristen Berman Bill DeRouchey Nigel Jacob Michael Mettler Manish Shah Nicholas Schilbe
Zal Bilimoria Renee Diresta Jacob Kaufman Jess Montejano Peter Shanley
David Binetti Jenna Feistritzer Ivan Kirigin Ken Norton Robert Stephens
Nick Bowden Meredith Finn Rick Klau Megs Oai??i??Rorke Myles Sutherland
Stephen Bronstein Jeff Friedman Joshua Krammes Andrew Parker Carl Tashian