Localdata is a digital toolkit that allows organizers and canvassers to collect and manage place-based data

In the past, data analysts and community groups collected location-based data using a pen and paper only to find inconsistencies and errors in data entry. These inconsistencies made it impossible to share data across organizations.

Funded by the Knight Foundation and Kellogg Foundation and led by city contact Karla Henderson, fellows Matt Hampel, Alicia Rouault and Prashant Singh built this app in the 2012 Fellowship year for the City of Detroit.

Localdata standardizes data collection by offering a mobile collection tool with a map interface. As well, for those less inclined to use the mobile app, Localdata also offers the option of filling out a paper form with optical recognition marks that can then be scanned and uploaded for data syncing.

In 2012 pilot projects, Detroit users were able to survey 9000 commercial parcels of land in just six weeks. The project has since gone on to win the Knight News Challenge, joined the Code for America incubator and has expanded into a full-fledged civic tech startup company.

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