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Mike has written about the Code for America alpha website that we collaborated on:

We chose to work with ClearLeft because they develop a pattern portfolio (a pattern/style library) which would allow us to scale our work to our Brigades. This unique approach has aligned perfectly with our work style and decentralized organizational structure.

Thankfully, I think the approach of delivering a pattern portfolio (instead of just pages) isnai??i??t so unique these days. Mind you, it still seems to be more common with in-house teams than agencies. The Mailchimp pattern library is a classic example.

But agencies like doxycycline over the counter alternative. #Canada Drugs Doxycycline. where to buy doxycycline over the counter. Paravel areai??i??like Clearleftai??i??delivering systems, not pages. Dave wrote about providing responsive deliverables:

Responsive deliverables should look a lot like fully-functioning Twitter Bootstrap-style systems custom tailored for your clientsai??i?? needs.

I think thatai??i??s a good way of looking at it: a Bootstrap doxycycline acne. #Generic Doxycycline. what is doxycycline used for. for every project.

Hereai??i??s the front-end style guide for Code for America.

Usually these front-end deliverables will be password-protected on the Clearleft extranet for the clientai??i??s eyes only, but Code for America is all about openness, so theyai??i??re more than willing to let us share it with the world. That makes me very happy. I remember encouraging the people at Starbucks to publish their front-end style guide and Iai??i??ve written about this spirit of sharing before:

These style guides and pattern libraries arenai??i??t being published in an attempt to provide ready-made solutionsai??i??every project should have its own distinct pattern library. Instead, these pattern libraries are being published in a spirit of openness and sharing ai??i??a way of saying ai???Hey, this is what worked for us in these particular

If youai??i??re poking around the Code for America style guide, youai??i??ll notice that it borrows some ideas from the pattern primer idea I published a while back. But in this iteration, the markup is available via a toggleai??i??a nice variation. Thereai??i??s also a patchwork page that provides a nice glance-able uninterrupted view of the same patterns.

Every project is a learning experience and each front-end style guide gives us ideas about how to do the next one better. In fact, Mark is busy working on better internal tools for creating these kinds of deliverablesai??i??something weai??i??ll definitely be sharing. In the meantime, Iai??i??ll be encouraging other clients to be as open as Code for America have been in allowing us to share these deliverables.

For more on the usefulness of front-end style guides, be sure to read Paulai??i??s article on style guides for the web, Annaai??i??s classic 24 Ways article, and of course, Annaai??i??s pocket guide from Five Simple Steps.

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