Thank You, RackSpace

Yesterday, Rackspace joined Code for America in a big way. Rackspace now offers their employees year long sabbaticals in order to join our community Ai??of civic hackersAi??ai??i?? our Fellowship ai??i?? with the option to return to Rackspace post-fellowship.

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We know that Rackspace has many opportunities to partner with incredible organizations around the country and are grateful for their support of our fellowship and our mission of creating simple, beautiful, and easy to use government tools. We are excited to welcome civic-oriented ai???Rackersai??? to apply! (Deadline July 31.)

This collaboration is not only a great asset to our fellowship recruitment process but adds great value to our organization. Not only does it provide another pool of top talent for Code for America, but provides Rackspace premier access the talented pool of developers and designers who will pour onto the market come fellowship’s end ai??i?? let’s not forget to mention that Rackspace was ranked 15th Best Place to Work in 2013 by Glassdoor and others). It also helps successful tech companies like Rackspace and Code for America share inspiration and best practices.

As the first organization to offer employee sabbaticals for the Code for America Fellowship, we are grateful and excited for their show of support. We look forward to even deeper collaborations with them. Special shout-out to Glen Campbell of Rackspace and Shaunak Kashyap, 2013 fellow, for kickstarting this partnership!

Interested in adding your name to the list of awesome tech companies who give a damn about helping government work better? Ping me at atran [@] to join Code for America in offering company sabbaticals or for other corporate partnership information.

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Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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