This is Just the Beginning

Four weeks of training on all things government, industry, and tech ai??i??Ai??done.
Five weeks of living in, learning about, and contributing to our cities ai??i??Ai??done.
Four weeks of defining opportunities and starting to deploy apps ai??i??Ai??done.

Since the Fellows came where to buy diflucan one. #Buy Diflucan USA. diflucan over the counter walgreens. back from their City Residency in March, they’ve been heads down reviewing the results of their in-city research and have been turning these insights into initial applications ai??i??Ai??which they are testing right now, literally.

For example: yesterday I wandered around our local neighborhood inputting parcel survey data into a mobile app; the day before yesterday I easily searched a complex city website for specific info I needed; the day before that I publicly posted a question to the community which they voted on via a mobile app. In the next few days I’ll submit small business forms online, register my bike online, understand where my late bus is, locate public murals, track blighted properties, and see how the cipla sertraline. #buy Zoloft. generic sertraline manufacturers. city is responding to its service calls.

And this is just the beginning.

Some of these applications will go on to be big hits. Others will be modified to more fully meet a need. Some will not make it. Others will take their place.

But that’s the point ai??i??Ai??before the Fellows invest a lot of time and effort building out a complete app experience, they are testing their assumptions with initial iterations they build doxycycline over the counter cvs. #Buy Doxycycline. buy doxycycline for syphilis. in just weeks. The purpose is to test, learn, and adjust — to ensure that what is built actually meets the intended need.

Over the next six months our Fellows will continue to test and learn, deploy and measure ai??i??Ai??and in the process will put applications in the community which achieve positive outcomes for kamagra gold vs kamagra. #Kamagra without prescription. kamagra reviews forum. the cities and citizens who live there.

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