See Click Mural

fluconazole yeast infection. #Generic Diflucan . is fluconazole an antibiotic. Moments after giving a talk on open data and code reuse at the Code for America Summit, Ben Berkowitz (SeeClickFix) and Aaron Ogle (CfA) grabbed me and said, “can we make a simple map mashup of all the murals verses graffiti reports in Philly?”

Of course we can. And, of course, we levitra 20mg price. #buy Levitra atarax dosage. #Atarax reviews. atarax side effects. . buy levitra in india. can do it with free and open source resources.

I give youAi??SeeClickMural. Ai??I’m not exactly sure what correlations come up, but it is an interesting exercise in quickly combining multiple feeds of open data.

Here’s how we did it:

  • The graffiti reports came from thisAi??SeeClickFix feed.
  • The mural data came from (viaAi??this geocouch instance).
  • The actual map usesAi??PolymapsAi??(fromAi??SimpleGeoAi??&Ai??Stamen).
  • The backend and frontend framework came fromAi??zachwill’s flask_heroku. Ai??It is a dead-simple way to setup a static web server with the best of HTML5 boilerplate and bootstrap CSS already baked in – and all of it is ready for deployment to Heroku.Ai??(btw Zach is a 2012 CfA fellow.)

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John Mertens 2011 Fellow

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