Knight & Pew Report: Openness in city hall benefits quality of life

Residents who believe their local government shares important information openly are more likely to be satisfied with the overall quality of their community and civic life, says a new report entitled How the Public Perceives Community Information Systems from the Pew Internet Project.

Perception of government transparency was also found to be associated with higher feelings of efficacy and empowerment among residents: Those residents who were satisfied with their governmentai??i??s information sharing practices were more likely to say that average citizens can have an impact on government. This sense of agency and buy doxycycline hyclate. #Buy Doxycycline. where to buy doxycycline for dogs. empowerment is good for the health of the community overall: ai???If citizens feel empowered, communities get benefits in both directions. Those who believe they can impact their community are more likely to be engaged in civic activities and are more likely to be satisfied with their

The report, conducted by the Monitor Institute in association with the Pew Internet Project and the Knight Foundation, was based on interviews with over 500 residents in each of three cities: San Jose, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Macon, Georgia. The survey was intended to evaluate how well local media and information systems were serving citizens, according to a press release from the Knight Foundation. Overall, the residents surveyed felt that their local news media was doing a good job of meeting community needs, and reported that they are getting more local information now than they did five years ago.

This can be partially attributed to the rise in social and digital media as sources for community information, with nearly a third of residents getting local news from social networking sites, 19% getting it from blogs, and 12% on mobile devices. Digital technology has how to make levitra more effective. #purchase Levitra. levitra 10 mg. been established as a key part of the information ecosystem and civic life.

ai???There have been vast changes in the local news and information landscape in recent years,ai??? says Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet Project and an author of the report. ai???One of the key insights here is that citizens have new ways to assess the performance of city hall. buy kamagra online canada. #Kamagra canada. buy kamagra online with paypal. They are paying attention to how transparent their government is. If they feel public agencies are forthcoming, they also feel better about other parts of town. There might be a real civic payoff if governments shared

A surprising finding was that residents who use broadband at home tend to be less satisfied with community life fluconazole tablets. #Buy Diflucan. fluconazole 50mg. than other citizens. ai???This result suggests that those citizens with broadband expect ai??i?? but donai??i??t always find ai??i?? information from their governments, schools and other local civic organizations there where they want it when they want it,ai??? said Tony Siesfeld, director of research at the Monitor Institute and co-author of the report. ai???It may be that broadband is raising ai???the barai??i?? on information

This trend suggests that improving the local information environment could produce more critical, and subsequently more engaged, citizens. ai???The people who have broadbandai??i?? give their local government ai??i?? many of their local institutions ai??i?? lower grades,ai??? said Rainie. ai???So they are more active [in the community]. Itai??i??s an interesting flow in two

Robust community information ecosystems are at the core of satisfying civic life. The internet is playing an increasingly substantial role in local information systems, and as this report highlights, the whole community benefits from open, abundant, and accessible flow of information. As the Knight Commission argued in a 2009 report that inspired this survey, ai???The healthy democratic community depends on a strong information system and engaged citizens who take advantage of that

The full report (March 1, 2011) is available for download from Pew Research.

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