Why I’m Coordinating For America

Code for America, over the years it will work with city governments, has the ability to do exactly what Tim Oai??i??Reilly fluconazole 150 mg price. #Diflucan Canada Online. diflucan refill. envisions: to ai???change the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.ai??? One of the ways it will do this is to fundamentally transform the way citizens perceive government. This matters because the way people perceive government affects how they see their relationship to their government, and their engagement with it. All too often, government systems are looked upon as inefficient, bureaucratic, closed and out of touch.Ai?? I believe the most profound impact CfA can have is to change this in just the way President Obama outlined in his recent State of the Union address. Obama described several steps the administration is taking to reform the federal government through technology, with the goal ai???to rebuild peopleai??i??s faith in the institution of government.ai???

So how do you restore that faith? You do it by engaging people in ways that are meaningful to them; and in this hyper connected world we live in, technology is diflucan one cvs. #Order Diflucan. where to buy diflucan over the counter. one of the best tools for that. In modern American society, people are expected to be connected and businesses and organizations are expected to have well-designed websites.Ai?? Whether you like it or not, those that donai??i??t are immediately seen as behind the curve. And that is the way many people view government. If CfA can help bring government up to speed, to the standards we have come to expect of our peers and the products we use, it will have successfully restored our faith in what government is capable of accomplishing.

CfAai??i??s programs are well poised to achieve just that. In Philly and Seattle, CfA will be finding new ways to connect citizens to government, bi-directionally instead of via outdated unilateral communication. CfAai??i??s collaboration with Seattle has already begun, as fellows met with the cityai??i??s mayor, Michael McGinn at last weekai??i??s City Hall Open House. As 2011 Fellow Anna Bloom described in her blog post,Ai?? Mayor McGinn is not only very personable, he is also very technologically savvy and interested in opening the doors of government to the people. CfAai??i??s efforts can do a lot to spread the impact of his work to encourage transparency and participation in government programs. In D.C., CfA is helping to find untapped efficiencies in their IT infrastructures. And best of all, all of CfAs programs are specifically designed to spread to other cities, so the impact of one project can be felt across the nation. This is precisely how Tim Oai??i??Reilly envisioned Gov 2.0: ai???The use of technology ai??i?? especially the collaborative technologies at the heart of Web 2.0- to better solve collective problems.ai???

ai???All our knowledge is the offspring of our perceptions,ai??? said Leonardo Da Vinci. The way we perceive things affects everything we do. If we can make schooling, civic programs and local government more relevant to citizens, they will be more likely to be engaged and interested in affecting positive change in their communities. CfA can set an example that government can be everything kamagra gold vs viagra. #Kamagra without prescription. kamagra gold vs kamagra. the people want it to be. Yes we can be efficient. Yes we can be connected. Yes we can bring the disruptive technology and energy of the tech industry to government. Code for America is doing it.

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MJ Mont-Reynaud Office Coordinator

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